Proximity System For Forklifts

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● Flexible, configurable protection zones
● UWB technology for max precision
● Creates a 360 degree, non-line-of-sight zone
● Pedestrian-to-truck and truck-to-truck warnings
● For any industrial truck type, brand or age

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Pedestrian alert systems are designed to alert forklift drivers when an employee is nearby. It works by informing the forklift drivers with sound, vibrations, and flashing lights when a person carrying the electronic tag is within the selected range.


✔ Clever Technology
Designed specifically for hazardous workplace environments, the Pedestrian Alert Systems utilize RFID and electronic tag sensors for forklifts and other vehicle drivers to know exactly when pedestrians are nearby.

✔ Easy Awareness
When you may come into contact with a pedestrian while driving in the workplace, the Pedestrian Alert System alerts you with a series of vibrations, sounds, and lights that flash to indicate this risk to you clearly. This connects to the pedestrian wearing the electronic tag when they are within range.

✔ Adjustable Ranges
Depending on your particular workplace and requirements, the distances for the Pedestrian Alert System can be adjusted accordingly. This range includes anywhere from 1 to 50m.

✔ Prevents Injuries & Disruption
Keep the workflow smooth and free of injuries thanks to the PAS technology. This is particularly ideal for high-risk workplaces, alerting both the driver/operator and the pedestrians for accident prevention. Furthermore, it can be used for any visitors coming to the workplace who may not be as aware as your workers.

✔ Broad Application
Our PAS technology can be applied to any high-risk environment, including industrial, manufacturing, loading/unloading, low-visibility, and all production line areas. Anywhere there are generally forklifts and pedestrians nearby, especially spaces that have little space to maneuver, should utilize this system as a precaution for greater safety.

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