Zebra Crossing Sign Projector

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● Suitable for use with indoor and outdoor
● Bright pedestrian crossing projector on the ground
● 50-300W,110/240V AC
● One Light, One Crossing

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Ensure maximum safety for your employees and vehicle drivers within the workplace using the Virtual LED Zebra Crossing Sign Projector - a powerful and convenient alternative to traditional zebra crossings.


✔ Economical Advantage - the sustainable design of our zebra crossing sign projector limits expenses associated with paint or adhesive markings, which require regular maintenance or replacement.

✔ Responsive Awareness - the projector responds according to the safety of the situation. It will project the zebra crossing on the designated area on the floor when it is safe for pedestrians to cross.

✔ Targeted Safety - perfect for high-traffic locations as well as intersections or aisleways, this virtual zebra crossing can be placed where it is best utilized for the safety of employees.

✔ Hassle-Free Solution - forget re-painting the floor with new zebra crossings so often. With this virtual solution, you can set it up and let it function on its own for a safer workplace.


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