Warehouse LED Linear Lights

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 Voltage: 120-277V
● Wattage: 100-500W
 CCT: 5000K
 Power Factor: >0.9
 Driver efficacy: >85%
 Rated Life:More than 100,000 hours
 Operating temp: -4 F to 122 F
 5 Year Warranty

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Warehouse LED Linear Lights are a clever alternative to traditional lighting applications with their heavy-duty design and suitable use for warehouse environments.


✔ Low Glare - the incredible lighting of these warehouse linear lights does not compromise the safety of your workplace with the low glare output.
✔ Comfort & Safety - these linear lights create a safe and comfortable working environment, especially for forklift workers when low glare is crucial.
✔ Made For Warehouses - applicable to high racks and aisle designs - you can enjoy the best lighting that matches the requirements of the workplace.
✔ Easily Installed - included hooks and suspension fixtures make it easy to install these lights, though there is also the option for other brackets.
✔ Multi-Purpose - applicable to factories, warehouses, tunnels, supermarkets, and so much more.


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Warehouse LED Linear Lights-8
Warehouse LED Linear Lights-5
Warehouse LED Linear Lights-4


Are your projectors and laser lights safe for your eyes?
Yes, our products comply with laser safety standards. No extra protective equipment is needed to use our laser products.
What is the life expectancy of your products?
We pride ourselves in offering you long-term safety solutions utilizing LED technology without the hassle of constantly replacing and maintenance. Each product varies in life expectancy, although you can expect approximately 10,000 to 30,000 hours of operation depending on the product.
At the end of product life, do I need to replace the whole unit?
This will depend on the product you purchase. For example, our LED line projectors will need a new LED chip, while our lasers require a full unit replacement. You can start to notice the approach to the end of life as the projection begins to dim and fade.
What do I need to power the products?
Our line and sign projectors are plug-and-play. Use a 110/240VAC power for use.
Can your products be used in high-temperature environments?
Each of our products features outstanding durability with borosilicate glass and coatings that are designed to withstand extreme heat. You can face the projector's reflective side towards the light source for the best heat resistance.
Are these products safe for industrial spaces?
Yes. Our virtual sign projectors and laser lines feature IP55 fan-cooled units and are built to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial settings.
How should I clean & maintain the lens?
You can gently clean the lens, if required, with a soft microfiber cloth. Dab the cloth in alcohol if necessary to clean any harsh residue off. You can also target compressed air onto the lens to eliminate dust particles.
How should I handle your products?
Always handle our products with care, especially when it concerns installation or movement. The glass lens on our projectors, for example, should be handled with extreme caution, so there is no breakage and no oil from your skin entering the surface.
Do you provide a warranty with your products?
We offer a 12-month warranty with all of our products in addition to service options. Please view our warranty page for further information. An extended warranty is an additional cost.
How fast is delivery?
Shipping time varies on your location and the method of shipping you select. However, we also offer a same-day delivery method (conditions apply) if you place your order before 12pm. You can also contact us to get an estimated delivery time exclusive to you.

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