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● Volts: AC100-240V
● Power: 100-500w
● Installation Heigh: 10′-100′
● Shape: Custmoized
● Illuminate a safety or warning zone underneath a crane
● Create pedestrian lanes, stop lines, and guidelines for vehicles.
● Effective substitute for environments where laser lights are not allowed.

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Consistently warn any pedestrians beneath a crane while assisting the accuracy of crane operation with the Overhead Crane Ring Light.


✔ Warning Zone - the crane ring light creates an eye-catching ring using LED visuals underneath a crane, showing pedestrians precisely what to be aware of and avoid injury.
✔ Precise Positioning - in addition to the safety feature of this light, it can also help crane operators control loading and perform precise positioning as the ring is easy to see.
✔ Essential For High-Traffic - areas where there are many vehicles, pedestrians, and machinery require as many safety measures as possible. The overhead crane ring light is easily noticed despite any surrounding distractions.


overhead crane box beam
overhead crane ring light
overhead ring light


Where are safety lights mounted on the crane?
Crane safety lights are mounted on the trolley which actually holds the load. Because they are mounted on the trolley, they follow the crane hook and load it’s carrying it throughout its path, clearly illuminating a safety zone on the ground below. The lights are powered via external power supplies known as a driver which can be remotely mounted out of the way, giving the crane lights themselves a lower profile which makes daily use of the crane easier for operators.
Can I customize the size? 
Yes, size is adjustable.
What are the power requirements of these products?
All you need to provide is 110/240VAC power
What is the warranty?
The standard warranty of the overhead crane light is 12-months. Extended warranty can be purchased at the time of sale.

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