Crosswalk Warning Inpavement Light

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● Standard or enhanced chasing patterns
● Low power consuming low voltage LED’s
● Solar or AC power configurations
● Near Zero maintenance
● Stainless steel construction
● 5 Year Warranty

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Flexible with its application and convenient with its brightness and durability, the Crosswalk Warning In-Pavement Light adds ease to commutes while maximizing safety.


✔ Robust Design - these lights are made with durable stainless steel studs, requiring low maintenance while providing high visibility.

✔ Flexible Application - whether it's for a crosswalk or even to mark certain pavement areas for safe walking, the warning lights will assist pedestrians in low-light conditions or capture their attention in danger zones.

✔ Powered by AC Configurations - The crosswalk lights are powered by either AC or solar configurations and activated through a number of means, such as passive/movement activation and pushbutton.

✔ Alert Drivers - You can alert drivers about any danger with the crosswalk lights.

✔ Ideal Lights - These are the perfect lights for mid-block crosswalks and high- speed roadways.

✔ Quick & Smart Installation - install with a set of road studs, control system, and decide on your preferred activation method, such as push buttons or automatic response.


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