Pedestrian Safety Guide light

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● Green & Red Indicators
● Syncing Traffic Warning Lights
● Power 6-15w
● Working temperature -40℃~+80℃
● Voltage DC 12V/24V

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In the busy environments of industrial work places or roads where vehicles and machinery are frequent, it's integral to implement safety precautions for pedestrians, such as the Pedestrian Safety Guide Light.


✔ Green & Red Indicators - when the light is red, it indicates that it is not safe to cross the pedestrian walk, while green signals safety. The visual design is more easily noticed than sounds.

✔ Reduce Accidents - many workplace accidents involve pedestrians and vehicles. The pedestrian safety guide light is a helpful tool in mitigating accident-prone areas.

✔ LED Signal - save your business extra costs and time with the responsive LED design of these lights. The simple yet clever idea reassures pedestrians when crossing busy intersections or aisles without the need for a traffic controller.


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Pedestrian Safety Guide light
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