Proximity System for Large Equipment

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● Flexible, configurable protection zones
● UWB technology for max precision
● Creates a 360 degree, non-line-of-sight zone
● Pedestrian-to-truck and truck-to-truck warnings
● For any industrial truck type, brand or age

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Vehicle Collision Avoidance System keeps the attention of the vehicle operator when approaching workers, other vehicles, and worksite limits. With audible and visual alarms, the system avoids expensive injuries and accidents to operators and equipment.


✔ Alert Nearby Co-Workers
The Collision Avoidance System functions by alerting and cautioning vehicle operators of other nearby vehicles according to the distance you set. This is an extremely advanced and clever system with its proximity detection design, tracking movement around the workplace smoothly.

✔ Optimal Visuals
When a nearby vehicle in the workplace is detected, the Collision Avoidance System will trigger an alert using lights and vibrations. This notifies the driver so they can be more aware, slow down, and interpret the situation to react accordingly.

✔ Plan & Prevent
You can also utilize the  technology in intersections or blind spots that have greater risks, ensuring the most optimal safe working environment. There’s no telling when an accident might happen, so it’s best to always be prepared with highly advanced safety technology such as this.

✔ Easy To Install
You can apply the Collision Avoidance System to forklifts and other driver-operated vehicles. It’s important to install it on every vehicle in the workplace that is in use – they connect with each other to trigger the detection technology.

✔ Customizable Design
Every workplace is unique, and as such, it’s important to adjust the system to your requirements and needs. You can customize it with the appropriate detection distance using the various ranges, as well as the signals like buzzers and lights. It can also work in conjunction with some other safety systems, such as speed reduction when detecting nearby vehicles.

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