Blind Corner Collision Warning System

Short Description:

● Detection zone 20-25 feet in each direction
● Alert sent in ample time to take corrective action
● Volume can be adjusted (high/low) or turned off
● Battery life tested to a minimum of 12 months
● Pre-set and ready to use

Product Detail

Product Tags


The risk of collision in blind spots and around corners is significant without the appropriate safety measures. The Corner Collision Sensor was designed to mitigate this risk concerning pedestrians as well as forklift drivers in the workplace.


✔ Responsive Tag System - both pedestrians and forklift drivers can carry the sensor tags that signal to the installed traffic lights when nearby. The lights will respond by giving the right of way to one of the corners.

✔ Essential Safety Measure - in areas with high traffic and numerous blind spots, including corners, it is essential to use intelligent safety systems such as this, therefore preventing collisions, injury, and damage.

✔ Passive Function - once fitted with the tags, pedestrians and drivers can carry on with their work routine without constantly fearing collisions. Once activated, they can then become aware and respond accordingly.

✔ All-Inclusive System - the corner collision sensor package includes the RFID activator, forklift tag, personal tag, and traffic light.

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