Led Forklift Speed Alert Sign

Short Description:

● LEDs: Super Bright white

● Speed Range: 3-30 mph
● Power: 110V
● Sensor Range: 160 ft.
● Speed Control Settings: Dip Switch
● Housing: Weatherproof
● Sensor Beam Width: 30 degrees

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Prevent disastrous injury and collisions in the workplace with our Forklift Speed Alert Sign. The innovative radar detection system ensures the forklift driver is aware of when they exceed the designated speed limit in that area, which is especially useful when there are any nearby pedestrians or vehicles.


✔ Secure Placement - powerful 3lbs magnets secure it in place on the desired rack system with tough weatherproof material.

✔ Visible & Auditory Awareness - super bright auto-adjusting LEDs on the sign as well as the option for installing a warning buzzer help alert the driver when necessary.

✔ Variable Speed Range - detectable movement speeds from as little as 3mph to 120mph.

✔ Broad Application - install it in any high-traffic area such as crosswalks, busy corners, offices, and more.

✔ Quick Response - the responsive design immediately activates the "SLOW DOWN" visuals and buzzer whenever a driver has exceeded the limit in the vicinity.


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