Virtual Line LED Projectors

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● Projects a high-intensity LED line on any surface
● Available Projection Colors: Red, Green,Yellow
● Projection Type: Line
● Power supply: 110/240V AC
● Water and Weather Resistance: IP67
● Operating Temperature Range: 0° to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C)
● Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty

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In business, cost-effective safety methods are essential. Virtual Line LED projectors are specially made to provide clear virtual floor lines to increase efficiency and awareness in the warehouse. It can project a highly visible laser line on any surface. LED Line Projector offer a long-life alternative to traditional painted or taped lines with a longer and thicker display.


✔ Adaptable To Your Needs - depending on your planned safety precautions, these virtual line LED projectors can be used in numerous ways. With 2, you can create a crosswalk or aisleway, or you can use 1 to create a barrier that is easily seen by anyone nearby.
✔ Customizable Design - adjust the brightness, length, and even the color to suit the circumstances. These projectors are extremely durable and provide an ongoing safety method regardless of what you need them for.
✔ No More Regular Maintenance - with paints and tapes that dull quickly, constant maintenance is required to keep them visible and intact. With virtual projectors, their positioning avoids any consistent damage, while the LED design maintains a bright glow.


Virtual Line Led Projectors (2)
Virtual Line Led Projectors (3)
Virtual Line Led Projectors (4)
Virtual Line Led Projectors (5)


How long a line the Virtual Line projector create?
The length of the line is dependent upon the mounting height. There are different versions of the Virtual Line projector that are available which offer different line lengths And shutters allow for shorter projection if needed.
How thick a line will the Virtual LED Line projector create?
Based on the mounting height, the line thickness of LED usually is between 5-15cm wide. The laser one is 3-8cm wide.
How do the Virtual Line Projectors hold up in an industrial environment?
The Line Projectors are air cooled units. These units have an operating temperature ranges of 5°C to 40°C (40°F to 100°F).
What is the warranty?
The standard warranty of the Virtual LED/LASER Line projector is 12-months. Extended warranty can be purchased at the time of sale.
What are the power requirements of these products?
The Virtual LED/LASER Line Projectors are designed to be Plug-and-Play. All you need to provide is 110/240VAC power.

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