Virtual Laser Line Projector

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● Durable Floor Lines- The virtual line laser projector can create durable floor lines in your warehouse.
● Eliminate Continual Maintenance- The virtual laser projector can eliminate the continual maintenance required when using floor tape and paint.
● Lightweight Projector- This projector device is durable and light in weight.

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Don't waste money and hours spent on continuous maintenance for painted or taped lines in your industrial workplace. Our Virtual Laser Line Projector is an innovative solution to keeping your employees safe while minimizing costs and increasing workflow.


✔ Mitigate Accidents - the laser lines act as a guide for pedestrians and drivers, helping to reduce accidents as well as property damage and lost time. The lines increase the awareness of all employees.
✔ Clever Projection Design - with hassle-free installation, the virtual laser lines provide a long life with an extremely visible design that is easily seen by those nearby. A smart trigger can also assist with cost efficiency and more awareness - perfect for walkways, lanes, etc.
✔ Put More Money Towards Business - spend less on installation, painting, taping, drying, surface treatment, replacements, and other maintenance/upkeep. Instead, spend more on your business to increase revenue. Virtual Laser Line Projectors are the ongoing cost-effective solution for safety.


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How long a line the Virtual Line projector create?
The length of the line is dependent upon the mounting height. There are different versions of the Virtual Line projector that are available which offer different line lengths And shutters allow for shorter projection if needed.
How thick a line will the Virtual LED Line projector create?
Based on the mounting height, the line thickness of LED usually is between 5-15cm wide. The laser one is 3-8cm wide.
How do the Virtual Line Projectors hold up in an industrial environment?
The Line Projectors are air cooled units. These units have an operating temperature ranges of 5°C to 40°C (40°F to 100°F).
What is the warranty?
The standard warranty of the Virtual LED/LASER Line projector is 12-months. Extended warranty can be purchased at the time of sale.
What are the power requirements of these products?
The Virtual LED/LASER Line Projectors are designed to be Plug-and-Play. All you need to provide is 110/240VAC power.

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