Why Is Virtual Signage Better?

Traditional pole, paint, or wall-hang signage is old news. For many years, these methods have helped to provide safety for employees and pedestrians – but times have changed now. Virtual signage is the new trend that helps maximize safety in the workplace with numerous benefits.

Unmatched Visibility

Paint can dull over time, tape peels off unknowingly, and even pole signage can fall down without those nearby noticing at critical moments.

Virtual signage provides permanent outstanding visibility to your workers, so it’s incredibly hard to miss – no dirt, moisture, or heat will affect their performance. Not to mention that virtual sign projectors can be adjusted in a variety of ways, including their brightness, for enhanced visibility in low-light settings.

With further options allowing you to customize their capabilities, including the addition of motion sensors or blinking features, virtual signs have become the new staple.




Low Costs

The dream of low maintenance costs comes true with virtual signage. This is a low-effort method, reducing labor costs for maintenance while eliminating the need to constantly purchase and reapply new paint or tape.

While there are some maintenance costs associated, it’s typically not for at least 20,000-40,000 hours of ongoing use. The incredible durability of virtual projectors makes paints, tapes, and non-virtual methods look fragile in comparison.


When you install tape or paint, it’s there until it has to be scrubbed off (or goes dull) for replacement. To meet the demand of rapidly changing business scenarios, virtual signage can adapt accordingly.

For example, while you might have an area that requires a “no access” sign, it can be easily changed to a “caution” sign if the particular layout or hazards of that location change.

Virtual signage changes and flows with your business effortlessly while minimizing costs and hassle – not to mention it can be used for various applications aside from workplaces, such as commercial settings.

Post time: Nov-17-2022

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