How To Optimize Workplace Navigation

One of the most common disruptions to workflow in a workplace is navigating the scene. Often, factories and big-scale industrial environments are packed with vehicles, cargo, equipment, and pedestrians, which can sometimes make it difficult to get from point A to point B.

With the right approach, you can tackle this frustration to ensure the most efficient workflow process, therefore minimizing risks and improving business turnover!

Dedicated Walkways

A workplace without walkways is a recipe for disaster – not just for accidents but also causing delays for your employees. By providing them with dedicated walkways such as virtual walkway lines and laser lights, you can simplify navigation.

These walkways are particularly useful at accident-prone and busy intersections where vehicles commonly appear. Both pedestrians and drivers can increase their awareness of nearby hazards.

Seamless Entry Points

Automatic gate and access control can equip your employees with tags that effortlessly open the registered gate for faster movement between points. There’s no need to fumble for a card, switch, or latches, thanks to this advanced feature. This innovative design can also be used as a security measure to prevent access to those who don’t have a tag on them.




Proximity Warnings

Employees can walk around the workplace without fearing collision as these proximity systems can warn and alert both drivers and pedestrians of the incoming danger. Rather than delaying a commute by pausing at each corner, these systems will give the correct indication and encourage the appropriate response.

Automatic Switch & Alert Systems

Equip pedestrians with a tag that corresponds to the nearby switch before entering a high-traffic zone, which will cause the connected LED signs to respond and flash. This will alert the nearby vehicles of your presence and to slow down, so you can continue your journey through the space without disruption.

Give your workers peace of mind as they navigate the job without needing to worry about the safest route, thanks to these clever additions.

Post time: Nov-17-2022

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